Amy Savin

Amy is an expert at engaging consumers and customers to get fresh and actionable insights. She can help you recharge your thinking with interesting new research designs, superb execution and powerful, strategic reports. Amy is at the forefront of the newest research techniques and has a deep grounding in the basics of marketing, branding, innovation and managing P&Ls.

Amy’s client’s say they count on her help for their thorniest issues and that they love the way she combines tried and true techniques like focus groups and ethnographies with the newest digital techniques.  They also say they bring her their most problematic concepts to optimize and revamp.

Amy has a passion for technology and is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in the research field. She is the Co-Chair of the QRCA Online SIG, she coaches established QRCs who are learning about the digital research world, and she advises the creators of various digital platforms.  Currently she works with a broad array of B2C and B2B clients and has extensive experience in the arenas of: food, packaged goods, health & wellness, fitness and restaurants. Most recently Amy has been fascinated by Design Thinking and has incorporated these principles throughout her work. 

Before becoming a QRC*, Amy spent over 20 years helping Fortune 500 companies to grow their brands. She worked in brand management at Kraft (DiGiorno, Kraft Salad dressing, Breakstone’s, Knudsen, Light & Lively) and Johnson & Johnson (Personal Products) and in strategy consulting at McKinsey & Co. and Avon Products.

Amy has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Yale College.

When asked about what makes her qualitative research so powerful Amy always says, “hearing what isn’t said and seeing what isn’t there.”

*Clarification of terms: We call ourselves QRCs (Qualitative Research Consultants). Others say some one who conducts focus groups and ethnographies or just say qualitative moderator. It is just terminology.

Kristina Andaya 

Kristina is an experienced Data Miner and has worked in many industries from banking to consumer products. She uses her expertise to uncover patterns and trends and to present them in a simplified way. Her summaries cut to the heart of the issue and are much in demand from clients. She is also an expert at setting up digital research projects and reporting about the results. Kristina has been working with SMG for over a decade.

Adrian Mihai Dragne

Adrian is an experienced graphic designer who can turn standard reports into visual stories. Adrian is never happier than when a map is required as he is a devoted cartographer (i.e. map addict). Adrian has been working with SMG for almost a decade.